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DATE-           February 10, 2018

TIME-            12 PM- 2PM

Paint to open your throat chakra!

Chakras are the seven energy points in the body that circulate life force, and emotions, and beliefs can block them. Come and learn how to unblock your throat chakra with the pursuit of creative art. We create and express with paints to release these blocks. Powerful crystals are included to support your well-being and chakra balancing.

So, what role the Heart chakra plays in our lives?

The Heart chakra is about connecting and relating. The emphasis is on love, giving and receiving, and how open we are in relationships. Love is the energy that helps transfigure emotions and experiences. It’s an essential element in any relationship, whether it’s is with others or oneself.

Love experienced through this chakra is not just about romance, but about going beyond the limitations of the ego and personal preoccupations to open up more fully to compassion and acceptance of all that is, as it is. When we live from our heart and our heart energy is opened and balanced, we can see clearly and position ourselves in any situation, no matter how challenging it is, with discernment and compassion.

The heart chakra is also a center through which we experience beauty in life. Seeing the world through this chakra is being in a state of openness and acceptance that brings us in touch with our world and ourselves in profound and fulfilling ways.

According to research, it has been found that Non-verbal modalities of expression are extremely effective in healing. Experts have stated that .."Creative acts, even as simple drawings give young survivors a voice when silence is self-imposed or imposed by other. While many famous artists have painted the horrors of war, the art expressions of these children are some of the most compelling, raw, and honest images about the terror inherent to human conflict. The drawings demonstrate our innate creative drive to communicate the experience of trauma and to restore homeostasis in the face of intolerable and unconscionable situations."

Creative Alchemies workshops are deeply transformational and therapeutic, but this is not Art Therapy. These workshops provide an energetic space for expression in a state of meditative awareness.

In the end we choose a crystal to create a necklace which holds the essence of healing that you experienced here.


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US $ 60
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