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Creative Alchemies Heal

Creative Alchemies workshops provide an energetic space for creative expression in a state of meditative awareness. Guided art exercises are shared for eliciting a creative response that encourages the release of emotions. Participants do not need to have prior art experience. While in heart centered awareness, they connect with and create from their inner guidance-- in the energetic space that is held for their healing. This process is self directed and self interpreted, and unique to everybody. The greatest outcome is embracing the truth of who We are.

According to research, it has been found that Non-verbal modalities of expression are extremely effective in healing. Cathy Malchiodi, an art therapist and mental health counselor describes, in Psychology today (link**) that: "Not that long ago it was regularly suggested that it was better to forget than remember traumatic events and that children who witnessed violence would eventually stop thinking about their nightmarish memories. Fortunately, we now know the importance of acknowledging, validating, and, when needed, providing mental health intervention to help the smallest witnesses tell their stories. Creative acts, as simple as drawings, give young survivors a voice when silence is self-imposed or imposed by other. While many famous artists have painted the horrors of war, the art expressions of these children are some of the most compelling, raw, and honest images about the terror inherent to human conflict. The drawings demonstrate our innate creative drive to communicate the experience of trauma and to restore homeostasis in the face of intolerable and unconscionable situations."

Creative Alchemies workshops are deeply transformational and therapeutic, where participants create and express without interpretation from the facilitator. That distinguishes this from Art Therapy.


No pre-established art experience is needed for participation.


Creative expression workshops  and/or information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any psychological situations. Any and all services/classes/courses performed  do not in any way diagnose or prescribe to clients. Additional licensure is required to do so. In participating in a class/course you (Student/ Participant) agree to release and hold harmless, Conscious Creation Energetics™ and its employees and owners from any liability without limitations.

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