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Pragati Chaudhry

M.F.A. and M.S.T. in Fine Arts,

Certified Deep Transformational Coach,

Certified Energy Practitioner,

Founder of 'Creative Alchemies' and 'Conscious Creation Energetics'

Pragati was born in India, and resides in Atlanta, GA. She received her Graduate degrees in Fine Arts from Georgia state university, and another graduate degree in teaching of Fine arts from Rochester institute of technology, after which she taught as an Art professor for years.  She is well known through  her creative expressions in multidimensional Art.


Twenty some years ago she was led on a path of energetic study of the multidimensional universe, with amazing teachers and Masters. Since then, she has been exploring energy systems and experiencing them for healing. She studied Reiki, Theta Healing, Vibrational Synergy, Pranic Healing, Yuen Method, Akashic Record reading, Access Consciousness and other energy modalities.​

She has survived and thrived through some intense life experiences. Even though she worked with various modalities for her recovery and healing, her real healing started when she started to incorporate her experiences and feelings in her Art. Bringing focused consciousness into her expression helped her deeply-- it was a transformation through release. She says, "it was liberating. I would turn to creating, and every time I was creating, I automatically connected to the creative impulse, which  took me beyond the pain. Through time, I grew to understand this healing as a  creative alchemy. There is an alchemical nature to the creative space, and I offer that experience to you."

Her intimate understanding not only of what's needed to heal, but also of the many ways that potential healing can be sabotaged, is what makes her an effective and compassionate facilitator of change. "There’s nothing that I love better than witnessing the moment someone gets that twinkle in his or her eyes when they've broken through a long-experienced block and they realize the power they have."

Pragati has had the privilege to work with extraordinary people from all around the world who have the urge to connect with their creative alchemy and power. During her workshops people find themselves peeling away old programs and blocks that cover their creative potential, while at the same time connecting with the essence of who they truly are.


Founder & Vision Keeper

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